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 Few important announcements - by zoero

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Few important announcements - by zoero Empty
PostSubject: Few important announcements - by zoero   Few important announcements - by zoero Icon_minitimeSun Sep 23, 2007 7:14 pm

To Ogame members:

Recordbuster, AKA Naruto, or whosyourdady66 is the representative of alliance "United Forces of Serbia_WING" and requested BoF to append with it. I obviously said no, but since he is my friend i will leave you all choose:
-Remain/Apply in BoF.Alliance
-Apply in Cp6ujaW
To all members:
I have been off line lately because of some lot of homework, studying and mainly some laziness. I was playing metin2 online, for those of you who desire to play it register and download HERE, and so i was not here full time as i usually do. Well good news are i am back taking tutorials for sig-making and other things. Also i have been making a HTML header for the page in flash and dreamweaver. It might still take a while.

In an unrelated matter i see there has been some nice activity and i will talk to Kraven and the other mods for a big tournament, announced on naruto-boards so other clans may enter. Its obvious that we have not had any wars lately and that is for low activity but i now think we are ready. This remains to be discussed with the rest of the Sekihotai Staff.


Few important announcements - by zoero ADMU
Few important announcements - by zoero Line-hr-eyes
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Few important announcements - by zoero Dearest
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Few important announcements - by zoero
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